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Dining Overview
Along the west bank of the Ping River, just north of the Nawarat Bridge lies a trendy area featuring the Good View, Gallery, Mahanga and Riverside eateries,top replica watches store all are worth a gander as is the nightclub La Brasserie. The city is also famous for its kao soy (soft & crispy noodles in curry soup, served with either chicken, meat or pork), nam prik noom (shredded green peppers) and khantoke (assorted northern snacks).  
Thai Cuisine
Thai food is available for purchase every twenty feet down any road in Bangkok. Deciding where it will be the best or the most consistent is the trick. | If you want to load up on excellent Thai food and the coldest beer in Bangkok and not spend half a week’s wages, try Suda’s Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 14. Khun Phai will remember your likes and dislikes and is expert at understanding bad Thai. It is also a restaurant that will serve you really spicy food on request and not just assume “the farang” has no idea what she is asking for.   More >
Italian Style
Close your eyes and picture a seascape of white sand beaches and centuries old villages teetering on rocky outcrops. Insert a restaurant that serves the best in French, Italian and Greek cuisine, add a selection of fine wines and there you’ll have the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the former is as far removed from Bangkok as an Eskimo’s igloo in Phuket but the latter, the food the wine and the ambience is here in abundance.   More >
Japanese Food
Too many people have only one response when Japanese food is mentioned. “I don’t like raw fish.” There, of course, is much more to Japanese food than sashimi. Tempura, sushi, Kobe beef, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, teppanyaki and much, much more are all available in some of the best restaurants in Bangkok. And don’t knock raw fish; it may be the only way to eat fine tuna. Sushi Bars and Sake Bars can be found all over the city. One of the Japanese areas is Thaniya between Silom and Surawongse. Walk along this street and find many Japanese restaurants of varying styles and menus. Some people eat Japanese food nowhere else in Bangkok. Most of the five-star hotels have excellent Japanese restaurants, many with screened off private areas and all with the absolute freshest ingredients.   More >
Chinese Food
From dim sum to egg fried rice to Peking duck, it all is available at Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. For the rare Chinese dishes or the one’s made from ingredients not normally found on western menus, head for Chinatown. You might not know exactly what you are eating, but it will be an adventure. Do not, however, necessarily expect to find anyone who speaks either English or Thai!   More >
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